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      The fuel cell bus is a hydrogen-fueled vehicle that can completely achieve zero pollution and zero emissions, and is internationally recognized as the "ultimate new energy vehicle solution".
      2008 Beijing Olympic Games

      The city bus loaded with SinoFuelCell's productsuccessfully operated as a carrier bus in the Olympic and Paralympic marathon.

      2010 Shanghai World Expo

      From May to October 2010, the city busesloaded with SinoFuelCell's product operated as VIP receptions and passengercarriers, with the highest attendance rate and 6,600 kilometers of accumulatedmileage for vehicle #1.


      We are working with many well-knowncompanies including SAIC Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Beiqi Futian, ZhongtongBus, China CNR, Shanghai Shenlong, Suzhou Golden Dragon, Chery and Great Wall.

      Demonstration Project
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