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      FUEL CELL STACK Introduction FUEL CELL STACK Introduction

      Proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack is a hydrogen and oxygen electrochemical reaction output power of the device, with high energy density, environment-friendly features such as hydrogen, the oxidant for the air.

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      B9P series fuel cell stack module, is using completely independent ultra-thin flexible graphite plate, the maximum power of a single stack is able to exceed 150kW, the power density of the stack exceeds 4.0kW/L. Modular design allows rapid system integration, strong environmental adaptability, -35℃ no auxiliary heat cold start. The life time is up to 15000 hours, thickness compared with last generation is significantly reduced by 23%. It adopts ultra-high integration end-plate design, it can integrate emitter interface, temperature and pressure sensor, water splitter, online EIS; core components are fully localized, with cost advantages.

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